Senate Drain Down Unit

Senate Manifold - Sewaco Limited The intention of the drain down unit box is to drain the property during periods of non-residence, particularly suited to holiday lets where winter occupancy is not required.

  • 200mm Ø guard tube of variable length between 500 & 1000mm to suit application.
  • Optional MBS Top Hat gives simple height and camber adjustments.
  • Accepts all standard cast iron or plastic surface boxes.
  • Manifold accepts all bottom entry meters.
  • Tough acetal copolymer manifold designed to reduce head loss. Incorporates meter / sampling point and non-return valve.
  • Light action stop valve supplied with torque limiting handle to prevent over stressing.
  • Manifold service pipe connections available as 25mm MDPE sapphire push fit couplings.
  • Meter unit can be serviced without excavation or special tools.
  • Robust assembly withstands heavy wheel loads.
  • Product manufactured in the UK in accordance with ISO9001 quality principles.
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